Year End Report



Budget Review:  


The budget for 2012/2013 was closely monitored and kept within responsible parameters.  The departments donation fund reflects an available balance of $34,834.17. These funds come from officers donating time to instruct CPR and First aid classes as well as donations from citizens who generously support the police department. These funds are used to purchase items the normal fiscal budget may not afford such as bullet proof vests, AED's, and other law enforcement related tools.  

Department Report: 

Since February of this year, I have proudly served as your Chief of Police. I have strived to maintain an already professional, accountable, honest, department; a department the whole town can be proud of.  I believe the department’s officers live the idea so much I made it our department value statement:  “Professionalism, Accountability, Honesty and Pride”

 We have made our mission simple: Prevent Crime. Enhance Public Safety.


Officers answered 6,464 calls for service, wrote 739 offense reports, made 169 arrests, worked 203 traffic crashes and issued 199 citations.

 During the year, the police department is called upon to work special events. The department is proud to have worked the following events: Alex Barajas 5k, Country Fair (involves night time officer) First Lake Placid Triathlon, Caladium Festival (involves officers 24/7 coverage during the entire 3 day event) Annual Tom McDonald 5k, Mason G. Smoak event, Chamber of Commerce 5k-10k, Lake Placid Christmas parade. Officers also assisted Sebring Police Department during their Christmas parade. Waters Edge Halloween, The Lake Placid Youth Football League hired two officers for their playoffs in November which they paid $315.  Interlake Block Party (received a $25 donation from Kathy Allaire for officer’s participation. 


During the year, the police department:


  • Reestablished a department Face Book page to make the public aware of current events within the law enforcement community. It is our goal to be as connected to the public as possible.
  • Raised over $500 selling the FREE RIDE IN A POLICE CAR signs. The money was donated to Str8 Up Youth Ministries to help fund their annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the youth and community.
  • Received $1,000 donation from Central Pawn. A portion of the donation was used to purchase seat mounted printer holders for securing printers inside the vehicles.
  • Partnered with the National Child Safety Council which will provide educational materials for an ANTI-BULLYING campaign the department will be hosting. The money received through donations will also assist in educating the elder community in regards to scams and other issues to be aware of.
  • Began seeking funds to purchase a security camera system at the Depot Museum. We ended up receiving generous support from many entities such as: Noon Rotary ($1,165) Lake June Pointe HOA ($350) Rick Miller/Miller Central Air Inc ($200) Town Administrator Phil Williams ($100) Private Source ($200) to place a new camera system in the Historical Society Museum. The system will be installed by Central Security who is donating $1,155 worth of installation costs. The entire package is a cost of $3,155.
  • In the new year, the focus will be to install a camera system at the Nu-Hope on S. Main Ave. Nu-Hope continues to be a victim of burglary and theft. We hope to fund raise in similar fashion as the Historical Museum.
  • A new sign was placed at the police department replacing the old deteriorating wooden sign.
  • The police department began a program on contacting parents of young drivers who get pulled over in Lake Placid. The notice is mailed to parent/guardian. It reads:


Dear Parent of Guardian:


This letter serves as notice that a driver under the age of 18 who resides at your mailing address was stopped for a traffic infraction. It is the practice of the Lake Placid Police Department to notify the parents or guardian of the traffic stop. The driver may have been issued a traffic citation or given a warning for the offense. You may contact the police department at 863-699-3757 with any questions, comments, or concerns.  

Traffic crashes occur every 12 seconds in the United States. Vehicle crashes are the number one cause of deaths among young adults. Teens are more likely to be killed in an automobile crash than any other way. Because of this, we urge you to encourage your children to drive safely. 


Chief James Fansler


-To date, 13 letters have been sent to parents of children who have been stopped by Lake Placid officers. Parents have responded very positively.



Code Enforcement Report:  

Code Enforcement pulled over 200 cases and collected $9,375 in fines.


Currently, the Code Enforcement position is uniquely held by a sworn law enforcement officer who lends a hand to the patrol function of the department. Never afraid to back up patrol officers, or cover a shift if necessary, officer Mulligan exhibited she is leadership material. In November of 2013, Officer Mulligan was promoted to Sergeant.  

Sergeant Mulligan also is the driving force behind public safety events like the Annual Bike Rodeo that educates children on bicycle safety. She has also spoke on several occasions to many of the local school children about other various child safety issues.


Property and Evidence: 

Officers turned in over 400 pieces of evidence which is approximately 25% more than the previous year. Property and Evidence manager Beverly Hunt attended required training to maintain certifications as a Evidence Specialist.



Department Assets:  

Two patrol vehicles (Unit# 40 & 43) a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria and 2004 Explorer are on request to be considered surplus. The vehicles have lived out their usefulness and have become a burden to the department’s assets. The vehicles are in need of repairs that would exceed their worth. Therefore, I would like to sell the vehicles and remove them from inventory. 

With the Crown Victoria being discontinued, the department had to make a choice on a new style of patrol vehicle. With careful consideration and a tremendous amount of research, we decided on the Ford Interceptor Utility. With the lack of compartment and cargo space in the Ford Interceptor Sedan and Dodge Charger, the Ford Interceptor Utility was the best choice. The Ford IU comes with a Eco-boost 3.5L V6 and at 16 mpg city and 22 highway, as compared to the sedan at 16 mpg city and 23 highway, fuel economy is competitive with the other choices.





The department received a grant to purchase two new desktop computers which were used to replace outdated units. Two more grants are being processed currently. Combined, the two grants will allow the department to purchase two more new desktop computers, a laptop computer, and replace a failing surveillance camera at the police department.



We are still striving for accreditation status. Although it is a slow process, our facility and policies are continually reviewed and updated to meet Florida Accreditation Compliance Standards.  

Property and Evidence manager Beverly Hunt is also the department Accreditation manager. Hunt attended the Florida Accreditation training conference. She also obtained other necessary standards to keep the department in compliance with Florida Accreditation Compliance Standards.


Electronic Fingerprinting:  

Over 300 people were fingerprinted using the departments LiveScan Electronic Fingerprinting system. This added service has been complimented by several people who would have had to travel to Sebring to have their fingerprints taken electronically which is the standard for many companies now.


CPR/First Aid Classes:  

The department held 15 CPR classes throughout the year teaching 161 people to save lives. There were 9 First Aid classes that contained 44 people overall. All instructors are certified through the American Heart Association. All instructors volunteer their time to instruct the courses. The money received for the CPR and First Aid classes is placed into a donation account to assist in purchasing items the general budgeted accounts may not afford. Recently, the officers received printer holding seat organizers to help keep their printers from sliding around the compartment area and possibly becoming projectiles in the event the vehicle is involved in an accident.